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Apprenticeship Offers the Skills Needed for In-Demand Careers

How do I guide all of my students to a successful career path after graduation?

Helping high school students prepare for life after graduation is a big responsibility. You want to help each student pursue a path that fits their skills and interests and sets them up for success, yet you know a 4-year college experience isn’t for everyone.

A nationally recognized youth apprenticeship program, which is offered here in Davidson and Davie Counties, provides another pathway to promising, in-demand careers. The Davidson-Davie Apprenticeship Consortium (DDAC) is built on a successful model, which has been used by communities throughout the United States and Europe. Local forward-thinking companies have adopted apprenticeship as a vital way to fill valued, skilled positions and train the next generation of leaders.


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Apprenticeship Offers Career and College with No Debt

With an apprenticeship students will:

Get paid to learn real-world skills
Earn an associate’s degree with no debt
Have the option to continue studies to earn a bachelor’s degree
Become ready for career advancement
Gain experience in an advanced field of their choice

Early Career Start Equals Financial Stability

High school students are able to start the 4-year apprenticeship program the summer after their junior or senior year. Apprenticeships let students get a jump start on learning career skills and earning money. Students will:

Finish high school classes while also starting college classes at no cost
Earn pay while learning on the job and for time attending college classes
Learn skills that are in high demand and that will prepare them for career advancement

What Types of Students are the Best Match?

Bright, motivated students that enjoy science and math and thrive in a hands-on learning environment are typically a good fit for the apprenticeship program. Students should also be responsible, organized, and willing to learn both technical skills and broader workplace skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of fields, from information technology and logistics, to aviation mechanics and advanced manufacturing. The DDAC is also in the process of adding new sectors.

How to Help Students Explore Apprenticeship

If you have a student that you think would be a good match for the Davidson-Davie Apprenticeship Consortium, you can help them explore this growing career pathway.